Message for Diwali 2014.

On this joyous occasion of Diwali, I take this opportunity to convey my warm greetings and good wishes to all my Arya brothers and Sisters.  Let this Diwali usher in a new phase of optimism and hope not only in the DAV but the entire Nation.

The significance of Diwali is to lead oneself from darkness to light.  If ever one feels being enveloped by darkness, one should strive to light the lamp within.  Like the external lamp, this too requires a container, a wick, oil, and a matchbox to ignite the flame.  Let your heart be the container, your intellect be the wick, love be the oil and let the chanting of OM be the Divine Spark that ignites the flame.  This light of truth so lit, not only dispels the darkness of ignorance permanently, but also guides you on the straight and narrow path.  I pray to the Almighty that may the Light of Truth be the guiding light for the entire DAV fraternity.

To help the environment, I request all DAV Institutions to motivate the masses through their staff and children to celebrate Diwali through "Diyas" and to celebrate a noise-free and pollution-free Diwali. Let us endeavour to handover a purer and a cleaner environment to the future generations. 

Have a clean, green, happy, prosperous and a pious Diwali. KEEP SMILING !

Punam Suri
DAV College Managing Committee.